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Post  GeneralRebel322 Fri 04 Jun 2010, 7:43 am

Roland and I, are the recruiting Generals for Revolution. this means we hire and fire. we have came to a time limit on your rep. You must have 1,000 rep aka Knight, by Monday June, 7th 2010 @ 5pm Eastern time. we are here to help you, and we want you to get there and advance. we will continue to recruit members under 1,000 rep, but they will have the same amount of time to get to 1,000 rep. Of course we are not cold hearted A holes, and want to have fun and be a family. so if you have issues and tell us, we can help you, if you dont ask for help and still dont. then you will be removed at 5 pm monday. this is not a solo game, it is a team game, we are your team, and if there is any questions bout this rule please direct your comments to myself or Roland thankyou


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