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How to Build an army!

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How to Build an army! Empty How to Build an army!

Post  Commander Holy Wed 16 Jun 2010, 1:06 am

Hello everyone alot of people have asked me this question time and time again so i figured maybe if i posted it here you guys would get a better understanding. First off im going to begin this from the very beginning so that it can apply to everyone we already talked about troop stacking and how to get most out of ranged but now. When you begin Axeman are your best friends build as many as you can. The more the better to help you be able to gain rep right away, Raid dont conquer until you got at least 64,000 rep or 140 health. You can do things however you want until the point where you get seige equipment becuase this is were it all begins. Personally i learned to get research to 8 and blacksmith to 10 as fast a possible to get a seige built then start producing equipment, Balistas to start what i like to do is put in about 4000 at a time and accelerate it down to about 2 days trust me it takes 53 hours to build 150 normal. Once you have 4000 balistas you conquer reapers! Which is the fastest and strongest unit in the game. This will be a slow grind as you can only take on innummerable groups of Reapers anything below that is a waste. You send 1 hussar, 1 Militia, 1 Axe Thrower and all 4000 Balistas this is encase you have not increased seige attack yet, if you have then you might be able to get away with less. Anyways start conquering this should last about 9 days of 2 a day conquers till you have about 20k reapers if you do 3 a day you can cut that down huge and get 35k reapers and then inturn capture lizards quicker. After you have about 20k lizards i recommend looking for overwhelming 9 lizards if you have the 35k reapers go after overwhelming 10 lizards. By now you should have been working on pierce tech and it should be maxed which means you reapers are doing 300 damage each. If your going after overwhelming 9 you will neet anywhere between 250,000 and 400,000 lizards per conquer. Do that as many times in a day as you can it helps to use your gems to revive your losses at 20,000 expect to lose 2000-2500 reapers per conquer which if you gem you can keep up. Continue this till you have 2 million lizards why 2 million you ask becuase at this point now you have enough lizards to kill 4.2 million widows no matter what also enough to bring back max food and gold for your cities.

If you went the 35k route you will be attacking 2,000,000 to 4,200,000 lizards yeilding a minimal of 400,000 to 800,000 losing about 4000 reapers per conquer maybe a little more faster more efficent doesnt use as much health but cost is a little greater.

Now that you have 2 million lizards you can conquered at your hearts content after black widows. Overwhelming 10 only no need for less you will attack anywhere from 2,000,000 to 4,200,000 widows getting about 400,000 to 800,000 a conquer. This should go on till you have about 8 million widows. Why widows two reasons first the are phenomially fast unit so transfer of goods are quick second they are the key corner stone for conquer a fortress only 8 million widows alone can conquer a county level 12. If you have done all that you will also more then likely be over 2 million rep from 64,000 when started building your army. At this point every conquer/raid you do on an overwhelming widow 10 will yeiled about 200,000 rep remember 4.1 million is duke and 16.4 million is King for addition 10 health and mana each upgrade.

You should now have 20-30 k reapers 5 k - 10 k seige (you should continue to build during this process) 2 million lizards and 8 million widows. This should all take about 2 weeks to amass such a large army. Remember when facing widows to use troop stacking it pointless to stack again lizards becuase of the reapers high speed. Once you have an army of this size you can well protect yourself and even further we can protect you better knowing your abilities. I hope this helps if you have any questions ask please Im not perfect and this can be tweaked and made to help other better. All other monster are strong but the 3 listed (reapers,lizards, widows) are the most versatile of all which is why there so important.


Commander Holy

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How to Build an army! Empty Re: How to Build an army!

Post  Roland Sun 27 Jun 2010, 11:01 pm

That is how its done ladies and gentleman. The more reapers, lizards, widows we have the better we will be when pvp hits. Also, fallen are great to conquer with widows. The more widows you send the fewer losses you take, but you can only attack innumberable fallen. Only send the widows and the more millions the better.

Fast recruiting is the way to go when you want to build a big army. After you have enough seige weapons you can focus on recuiting longbowman. Best range of a soldier that you can recruit. And the more you recruit at a time, the more time you can take off of the clock. 30% of 1,000 hours is more than 30% of 10 hours.


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How to Build an army! Empty thanks

Post  Ruddie Fri 02 Jul 2010, 3:53 pm

Hey thanks for that! I really had no clue what to do!


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How to Build an army! Empty Re: How to Build an army!

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