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Where do I go now?

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Where do I go now? Empty Where do I go now?

Post  Prodge Mon 31 May 2010, 6:26 am

You've been gaining rep, good. Now your asking now what? Well you want to get a lvl 8 black smith and a lvl 8 science lab then start building work shops. Upgrade the work shops to build ballistas. After you have some ballistas you can start going after reapers dont waste your health on conquering until you have reached innumerable. It takes 1 ballista to 1.5 reapers until you have your lvls up. So 2600 ballistas to go after innumerable. After you have reaper you can go after lizards. It takes 1 reaper for 72 lizards. Again dont waste your health until you can conquer a lot of them you also need you revive your reapers afterwards. So be sure to use good strategy. When you have lizards I've been going after black widows you can send 1 lizard per 2.5 widows. This is how you build your army. this is not something we wanted to keep secret. Its just hard to type this to everyone. On here is more ideal. All of those stats are with you useing a good fodder or buffer. You can borrow troops from us with a same fee. 25% of conquered thats it. You also have to return the same number you borrowed. we aim to watch you build your army. Also prove to use your a team player and you'll get the revolution army to get your own county. If you have any more stats please post. Any questions please ask. happy hunting.

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Where do I go now? Empty Re: Where do I go now?

Post  Commander Holy Tue 01 Jun 2010, 1:44 am

I want to tell everyone also that alot of the numbers have everything to do with your proficiency level in that category obviously a level 10 pierce is much stronger then level 5 and therefore will take less troops to do a similar job!

Commander Holy

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