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Methodology of Recruiting

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Methodology of Recruiting Empty Methodology of Recruiting

Post  hal Fri 16 Jul 2010, 5:22 am

So here is my point of view for recruiting. It is my belief that you should consider it well, since I tell it from the point of view or a new recruit and someone new to the game, I am sure that it has been some time since you folks were new in any of these respects.

Firstly let me ask two questions. Firstly how many people do you get applying to join the alliance? Secondly of those new people, how many advance to the ranks in short amount of time (say to Marquee within two weeks)? I think that the answers will be few in both cases.

In my opinion the alliance needs to be attracting loyal and dedicated players (that may or may not about how to play the game already). Find these people and help them to become better players.

The way that you do this is by attracting loads of players and filtering them out through criteria and assessments. It is important to have a constant incoming flow and pick the people you want.

To tell a story, when I first joined the game I was clueless, did not anything about how to play. The help for this game is pretty flimsy and hard to access. So I plodded along trying to get my title up because that's what I perceived as succeeding. It must of taken me two to three weeks to become a "Baronet". When it came to looking for an alliance, I did what any newbie would do, opened the list and scrolled from the top down (the default way) until I found an alliance that would accept me. I found Revolution and by some miracle I managed to just have the 10,000 rep requirement, so I joined.

And Holy (excuse the pun) crap my eyes were opened. I had no idea how the game should be played until I started reading the forums. I was genuinely excited about receiving help from the team and advancing through the ranks. I read all the forums, d/l'ed Palringo and was assigned a division. I still struggled for a bit not knowing how to work in the team. I have to thank to Ruddie who helped me out here, gave me some advice to move my city to the base (which I failed to find on the forums) and dropped me some troops to start my way off (later Holy did as well). But I was off. But still I am not really sure where I am off to? But now what are my objectives?

So my overall experience of being recruited I was walking in the dark until someone brought me to the light.

So how do you get these cool people, firstly keep the rep of the alliance high. I know that rep has nothing to do about the strength of an alliance but if you want to attract more new recruits, the alliance needs to be positioned high in the overall list. I was not willing to scroll through all the alliances, I wanted to find one fast (the same way ppl select search engine results). The alliance does not have to be in the top 10’s or 20’s, but positioned well in respect to alliances ranked higher and also recuiting. Look at the number of alliances ranked higher in list that are taking new recruits, if it more than 10 don’t count on anybody applying. Positions of 30 or 40 would be fine, as long as the alliances in the 10's and 20's are pretty much already full. At the time of writing this Revolution was positioned 91st and there were 17 alliances positioned higher who were actively recruiting (97 members of less)

Make the alliance intake as accessible as possible. I noticed the rep requirement went from 10k to 100k. From my point of view it would of taken me years before I made a 100k, and more likely I would of joined another alliance before then. I seriously doubt that there are 100k+ non-aligned players strolling around out there. Once someone joins an alliance they are very unlikely to jump alliances, and even if they did, ask yourself this, do want the type of people that are willing to jump ship to more attractive opportunities? I would keep the rep requirement at 10k or even drop it further to 5k.

Support the new recruits to advance quickly by providing good knowledge (pretty much done already), good captains (done already) and helping with troops (done already), but also create criteria or assessments to ensure that new recruits keep up there side of the bargain. This could be done in the form of regular assessments such checking rep, requiring taxes of troops, having a number of cities. Create a list of objectives for people to work to e.g. by the third week you should have 35k reapers, 2.5 mil liz and 10 mil widows and taken one county. If they are not living up to the criteria get rid of them, as long as you have more people coming through overall numbers shouldn’t be dropping.

Sticking it out there as MHO


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