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Unlimited Troops No Upkeep Worries!

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Unlimited Troops No Upkeep Worries! Empty Unlimited Troops No Upkeep Worries!

Post  Commander Holy Sat 29 May 2010, 6:29 pm

For those of you who dont know how to do this yet im going to explain how to get a city to hold all your troops with no upkeep so that your cities do not go negative!

First you must reach the level of night or rather gain 1000 Reputation. Once this is obtained you may then build a new city. New cities cost 5000 Gold and 5000 food plus enough troops to transport to new location that varies depending on your troop count and their carry capacity. Once you are able to do this pick a location for your new city and in time it will be built. When you get inside build a castle and a command center. I like to upgrade the command center to at least level 3 so that i can send multiple reinforcements out. This should take without fast build about 2 hours to complete. Once you have done this move all your troops to the new location. It doesnt matter how negative you go in the city because once your at 0 your at 0 cant go below. The nice thing however is you can send your troops up to an hour time away for 0 cost meaning that you dont need gold or food to raid or capture around your city and can effectively operate your other cities without going negative for upkeep. I hope this helps all of you ONCE AGAIN DONT SEND TROOPS TILL CASTLE AND COMMAND CENTER ARE BUILT! MSHEN and SYLIS can you tell you!

Thanks all hope this helps.


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