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Troop Stacking

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Troop Stacking Empty Troop Stacking

Post  Commander Holy Thu 03 Jun 2010, 9:26 pm

Hi all I want to take time to explain to your the basic concept of Troops stacking. Troop stacking is using a single troop in order to take the place of an enemy units entire attack on your ranged military. Please note that within 30 yards you ranged does half damage so keeping things at distance is only way to be efficent. Below please see an example of an army I sent out to raid.

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you can see i sent 1 militia, 1 Hussar, 1 Axe thrower next you will see how the absorb rounds of attack so that my ranged lizards dont get attacked.

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In round 2 you can see i only lost 1 hussar against over 2.5 million widows while i kill 1.5 million more. Then in round 3 my militia dies only protecting all other ranged until i finish off the group. I still had 1 more stacking of a single axe thrower if the enemy been bigger and needed another round to kill. as you can see though you kill 1.5 million a round with 4 rounds of attacks that is 6 million widows that i can kill before i need to worry. You can simplify this down to any number it still works the same if you have 10000 bowman killing 5000 goblins then 4 rounds x 5000 goblins means you can take on a max of 20000 with very little losses. I hope this helps everyone so that you can better understand how to protect your armies.


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